Amazing Apple Dip

    There are many ways to get recipes, almost anything you want to make is on the internet. I still find the best ones are shared by friends, as you know they are tried and true. I have made this dip for many gatherings and it has always been a big hit with young and old. Looks and tastes great if you use many different colored apples – green sour ones are my favorite with the sweetness of the dip!



    Apple Dip

    1package cream cheese

    ¾ cup brown sugar

    ½ cup icing sugar

    1 cup of Skor bits

    1 tsp vanilla

    Red, green, yellow apples


    Mix all ingredients. Cut apples into wedges and dip!


    No one likes brown apple pieces: cut up apples, put in ziplock with some pineapple juice and shake.

    Gluten FREE!!

    Skor bits contain almonds!


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