Beautiful Fall Colors



    Well is it that time of year again!!! The seasons are changing and the fall colors are coming alive. From reds, yellows, oranges and all shades in between, it is a season to be enjoyed!!

    I remember, I was so excited to move into a mature home, with lots of trees backing onto a forest like park… until I noticed the leaves falling….

    Picture2With all those beautiful colors comes yard work!!! Or should I say “yard to do”, or make it a little sexier in French “travaux de jardinage”, because if you think of it as work, sounds really un-appealing. Yes, you can be outside doing what needs to be done, while enjoying the colors, cool temperatures, sun, wind and whatever else mother nature has in store. While spending time with your family – working alongside them!!! Put on your favorite tunes, fill pumpkin bags with leaves, count how many bags you can fill, compare to last year, make piles for the kids to jump in, take crazy photos of kids in the leaves. Enjoy the beauty! Make the work fun!

    Picture3A leaf blower is a huge help when cleaning up in the fall, also a big help in the spring. There are many different styles, prices and powers – the choice is yours!

    OR you could live in a condo, not have any yard work and just enjoy the artistry of fall when and how you want!

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