Candy Cane Christmas Bark

    Easy Candy Cane Christmas Bark

    I don’t know about you, but Christmas might just be my most favourite time of year! I personally am not the worlds most incredible baker, but I try around Christmas. I get invited to a baking exchange every year and always try and find the best, most delicious looking recipe and make my attempt. Over the last couple years I have realized; the easier, the better! You can make something that looks and taste great and it doesn’t have to be that difficult!

    So this is one that I love! It is so easy and people LOVE it. Because I mean, who doesn’t love peppermint chocolate at Christmas time. This recipe is for Candy Cane bark but you can really make any kind of bark too. Get creative! I have seen very beautiful ones with white chocolate and pistachios, cranberries, and edible flowers. Or all the good stuff, like caramel, peanut butter, pretzels and more! Go for it and make a few different ones if your having guests over.


    The Recipe

    First you will line and 8″x8″ baking pan with parchment paper trying to make it as smooth as possible and set aside.

    Next, in a double boiler you will melt the semi sweet chocolate, stirring continuously and do not let the water boil! *If you do not have a double boiler, you can use the microwave or just a regular pan but be VERY careful to not burn the chocolate!! As soon as its melted it is done.

    Once it is fully melted you will pour it into the prepared pan and spread evenly. Now set it aside and let is cool just in room temperature, *do not cool in fridge*

    Once it is set we are onto the white chocolate. Melt the same way in the double boiler. Once it is fully melted add the 1/2 tsp of peppermint extract and stir in well.

    Pour on top of the semi sweet chocolate layer and spread evenly. Now sprinkle the crushed candy cane on top!

    Let cool and once hardened break or cut into pieces. Store in an air tight container in the fridge and enjoy!

    **If you are not using a double boiler, make sure you are using Melting Chocolate


    6 ounces semi sweet chocolate, broken into pieces (high quality chocolate)
    10 ounces white chocolate, broken into pieces (high quality chocolate)
    1/2 tsp peppermint extract
    4 mini candy canes crushed

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