Fall Gardening Tips

    You just have to look outside to know that fall is here, the days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping and the leaves are changing. All this beauty and cooler temperatures are ideal for getting outside and gardening!

    Below are our favourite tips to enjoy your fall gardens.

    • fall gardens to bed-3Clear out all weeds and dead plants from your garden beds.
    • Plant spring bulbs, you will thank yourself when the snow melts and they start to bloom.
    • Mulch gardens with fallen leaves, compost or wood chips.
    • Have some ornamental grasses in your garden, they grow long into the season, add height and texture.
    • Continue watering garden until the first frost.
    • Divide perennials, especially those that do better when separated in the fall, like peonies, poppies and lily of the valley.
    • There are often sales at gardening centres, so get all geared up to start next season.

    fall garden-4fall gardensfall gardens to bed-2

    Check out more handy information: Community Gardens Map, Frost Chart for Canada, Blub planting

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