Get your home ready to list!

    Follow these few steps to make sure your house shows its very best!


    This is a big one. Your home will need to be de-cluttered and then de-cluttered again. I know it’s hard to not have all the regular things out you use on a daily basis but trust me it helps so much. People need to be looking at your home, not your stuff. So this means; nothing on the kitchen counter, no not even that giant thing with your 7 spatulas in it. A coffee maker or a nice stand with a “pretty” cookbook in it can add a homey touch but only if you have a larger kitchen. Also nothing on the fridge! Bathroom counters are the same as kitchen. A soap bottle and/or a candle are just plenty. Make your closet look like it’s much large by taking out 30-50% of things in your thing to show it off. This goes for bedrooms, front entryway and linen closets. Any knick-nacks on shelves, access the situation- is it looking crowded? Get rid of some and make it simpler for now. Depending on your house there is a chance you just have lots of “stuff”. Looking into a storage container can help a lot! Consider it “pre-packing” for your new home.

    Paint matching

    If you have just a couple dings in your house its probably not worth it to paint your entire home. Painting an entire house can be very expensive or if you do it yourself, very time consuming. Plus a lot of people may want to paint once they move in anyhow so don’t waste time or money. If the house has a lot of dings or large areas of damage it will be worth it to paint. But the biggest thing is going over your small dings with the correct paint colour. Try the paint somewhere discrete first! Paint fades after about 5 years so if you have been in the house longer than that without painting it may be hard to colour match. If you cannot match the colour perfectly just leave the dings as they are. Trust me having tiny paint marks the wrong colour doesn’t help. Also your agent should advise you if there are enough marks that they think it could be worth it to maybe paint a few walls even.




    Cleaning the house seems like an obvious one I know. But I mean like really clean it, places you never thought of. Or better yet get a cleaner to come to a deep clean. It’s hard to notice things you may have been looking at for years that now you just don’t see it anymore; we all do it. A new set of eyes will spot those little things we have neglected and better it be the cleaner, ready to clean it up, than some perspective buyers!

    Personal photos

    This is similar to the reason to de-clutter so much, you want people looking at your home. They see photos of you and your kids, and they start looking at your vacation to Mexico last Christmas instead of how your home could potentially be exactly what they are looking for! If you have a nice smaller one in your bedroom that is okay, it’s a personal space. Mostly in the living spaces, or something that is a focal point.

    All in all you want to show your home as simple as possible, showing potential buyers what they could do in the home but still letting them envision their own life in the house too. If you need some inspiration go browse a show home or two and see what it looks like


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