Gutters… Eavestrough… Rain Catchers


    Cleaning the gutters – two times a year, about an hour each time is a task we would like to ignore but not much really… There are many ways to clean your gutters, but most involve a trip up a ladder. Some of the gadgets you can buy are: tongs on a pole, shop-vac attachments and even a remote control robot!

    The good old fashioned way, with no money spent is my usual method. Put on your gardening gloves, climb the ladder, scoop out what you can, use a pole to get the hard to reach places and run the hose on high to make sure working. Not pretty, but works and if done on a regular basis, even better.

    gutter1There are many problems that can occur if gutters get clogged, a few are: ice jams, gutter gets too heavy and loose causing water to go behind and rot. Water can spill over, causing puddles to seep into basement or onto the same spot on deck and rot it. Even if your gutters don’t fill to overflowing each season, leaving decaying debris is an invitation for mosquitoes to breed.

    Going outside to unclog gutters in the middle of a rain storm is not fun and can be dangerous.

    Inspect on a regular basis for leaks or pitch problems and fix when dry.

    Always practice ladder safety. If you are not comfortable going up on a ladder, or have a high home, there are many professionals to hire.


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