Maintaining Your Gas Fireplace

    Having a gas fireplace at home cannot only help you and your family to keep warm but can also add up to the aesthetic look of your home. This type of fireplace usually comes in different styles and models that you can easily match the decor of your home. But in order for you to make the most out of your fireplace, it is essential that you know how to take care of it and how to maintain it properly. If you are wondering how you can do this, then reading the helpful tips below will surely give you ideas. download

    Cleaning It Regularly

    Some people think that their fireplace should only be cleaned after using it or when the winter season is coming. The truth is, the gas fireplace should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice every single year. If you have just used your fireplace, it is wise to let it cool first before cleaning it. Of course, turning the pilot light off is also necessary. Once it has cooled down and ones the light is off, you can start cleaning it using a brush. Start cleaning the compartment where the control is and the fireplace’s burner. The logs, on the other hand, should be cleaned with a paintbrush, but make sure to take extra care because they might break. You can end your cleaning task by vacuuming the place to ensure that you have removed any debris and ash.

    Trim and Glass

    The trim, which is usually gold or brass needs to be cleaned using a cloth that is damp. Avoid using just any cleaners and polish as the trims can get damaged. For the glass, remove it from the fireplace itself and clean it using a glass cleaner. You can use any glass cleaner that is available in the market since they are typically safe for any types of glass.

    Checking the Vents

    Another thing that you need to do is to check your fireplace’s ventilation, to ensure that they are perfectly intact. If you see some cracks, holes and stains then it would be best to repair them immediately. You may also call a professional to do this for you. Lastly, using your flashlight, check the vent for any debris or objects for leaves or even animals that are dead. All types of obstructions should be removed.

    Fireplace Inspection

    Once every year, it would be best to allow a professional to inspect your fireplace. The reason behind this is because a professional will be able to figure out which parts should be repaired and replaced if needed. He will also be the one to clean the burners and the pilot of your fireplace if you haven’t done those yet. Other systems, such as the ignition should also be checked to know if there are problems with your fireplace.

    These are the tips on how you can perfectly maintain your own gas fireplace at home. Of course, you will still be needing professional help to fully ensure that the gas fireplace that you have is still safely functioning.

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