2018 YYC hot spots

    New hot spots in Calgary we are VERY excited for!

    Monogram in Britannia, just opened yesterday. I haven’t been yet but I saw pictures and it looks beautiful!! This is their third location in Calgary. They have great coffee; great atmosphere and they are serving Made by Marcus soft serve! YUM! As real estate agents I feel like we are in coffee shops all the time; meetings with clients, doing computer work, picking up coffees on the way to showings. I say what more can you ask for than a perfect latte, beautiful bright atmosphere and ice cream? I’m sold! Also it’s so close to River Park, which is mine and Molly’s (our dog) favorite dog park. I know this summer we will be picking up lattes and ice cream pre-dog park!

    The other place opening in Calgary this 2018 is Nordstrom Rack. Who hasn’t travelled down to the States and gone absolutely crazy at this store. This is going to be serious danger to my bank account but I’m thrilled anyhow! They are opening a huge 30,600 square foot store in Deerfoot Meadows. Nordstrom Rack has the same apparel, accessories, shows and jewelry that you see at Nordstrom but at clearance prices. Who doesn’t love a sale? It is set to open April 26 2018, see you all there!


    XO Ice Cream & Waffles is a new “sweet” spot opening in Auburn Bay this year for all my south friends! It is going to have made in house ice cream, sorbets, waffles and to-go pints! They are going for an old school ice cream parlour look for the space designed by McKinley Burkart. McKinley Burkart does amazing interiors and architect in Calgary and internationally as well. They are always trendy, incredible looking spaces so I know XO Ice Cream & Waffles won’t be any different. I cannot wait to show some houses in Auburn Bay and Mahogany and get some ice cream!

    Clearly I am pretty into ice cream and shopping! There are going to be many more new spots popping up in YYC this 2018 and I cannot wait to try all of them, I love to see our city grow and open cool new stores and restaurants. Get out this year and try something new. We all fall into patterns and end up going to the same places (I am totally guilty of this!) but make this the year you try a new spot and maybe you’ll just find a new spot to always go.


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