Our Favourite Work Tech

    Jaci’s Favorite Item

    My favourite item for work/life is probably my iPad Mini. I bring it with me all the time. Its small so it easily can be tossed in a purse and brought where ever you’re going! I bring it to showings all the time and have pdfs of each house we are seeing so I have any information at my fingertips. It is also nice to have if my clients or myself want to look anything up on the Internet; or even write up contracts on the go! I feel like it’s an essential part of my business to have it with me all the time. Plus I have the it rose gold so its also very cute! I also like my iPad for non-work life as well. It great for checking stuff out on it while your sitting on the couch or throwing some Netflix on in bed. I also love to use it to look up recipes and have that open while making them! I really like the size of the screen compared to using my phone for everything.


    iPad Mini 4

    It is a stylish yet very functional item that I think is worthwhile purchasing for many different businesses, or even students. You can get the keyboard to go with it if you are going to be using it a lot for typing up documents, or taking notes in class. The newest versions you can also get the pen that works with the iPads and it looks incredible. If you are into art this is something I highly suggest you take a look at. You can create the most amazing things on different art programs with the pen! I am not quite that talented but I sure wish I were! You can also get iPads with data plans or not, mine does not have one and honestly it doesn’t bother me at all. I use it on wifi a lot and if I need something I just “hotspot” it to my phone and it works perfectly. I personally have a lot of data on my phone because I use it a lot for work, but if you don’t that is something to watch because it can use up data pretty quick depending on what you are doing.

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