Our New Year DIY!

    DIY storage bench and feature wall

    Brent and I just finished a DIY home project we have been thinking about for a little bit but we just weren’t sure exactly what we wanted to do. We wanted to remount our TV, build a feature wall behind it and some kind of storage bench/dog bed for our dog Molly. We looked up different ideas and finally settled on some wood paneling and we would build the storage bench out of the same material.

    We found some pine wood flooring panels at Home Depot that we thought would look perfect painted white. We also got just some 2×4’s to build the frame of the bench. We started with the frame of the bench and built from there. Getting that into place, then getting the panels on the front of the bench, sides and then to the back. We then paneled all up the back wall. We got the power also moved up so we would be able to hide all the cords from the TV and devices. So we had to get an electrician in to help with that! We built a mounting board for the power to come through and to mount the TV mount on. We were trying to make it all as strong as we could since we were mounting a large TV on an articulating arm mount.


    Once the wall was done and all the boards were up, we filled the screw holes with wood filler and sanded! Then came the painting. Painting was tedious but so worth it. My first coat I did in the evening and we were going for a “white wash” look so I rolled on the white paint and then rubbed across it with a painter’s cloth. Once it dried it looked kind of uneven and I hadn’t painted inside the crack between each board. It was shadowed at night so I couldn’t really see how silly it looked! But the next day I realized I needed to do another coat for sure! So I painted into each little crack, which was the tedious part and then put another coat of paint over the whole thing doing the same rolling and wiping. The finished product looked so much better! You can still see some of the wood grains and tell its wood but looks but more uniformed and finished.

    Once this was all done came hanging the TV and devices, this took a bit but was pretty straight forward. We got some serious anchors to make sure it would hold to TV and not fall out the wall! Then we mounted everything behind the TV so you cannot see it. Just put a small shelf and the sound bar hanging below the TV. In the end we are very happy with our finished product! It’s functional and looks cute. The bench is a little high for the dog so she might not use it as much as we hoped but we really liked the height for storage so we had to compromise.

    Small home projects can make such a difference and give you a sense of pride in your home knowing you worked hard to make something great! Tell us about your new home projects you’re hoping to get done this 2018!

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