Prominence Hill & Patterson

    Prominence Hill & Patterson is home to beautiful vistas and amazing outdoor activities for the residents. The community was annexed in the year 1956 to Calgary and was established in the year 1983. The area is not only known for beautiful vistas but are also known for having spaces that are green. Homes in this community are both affordable and expensive, so no matter what your budget it, you will surely find the one that you are looking for. image1 (3)

    Residents in Prominence Hill & Patterson will truly enjoy the different amenities and services that the community has for them. Downtown is also a few kilometers away, so residents don’t need to worry about getting to downtown anytime. Schools from nearby communities are also perfect for residents who have children in Prominence Hill & Patterson.

    North: Sarcee Trail
    East: Bow Trail
    West: 69th Street
    South: Old Banff Coach Road

    Average price for single family homes in 2015 is: $1,302,350
    Average price for a condo in 2015 is: $391,028

    City of Calgary Community Profile; City of Calgary recreation guide; Calgary Board of Education; Calgary Catholic School District

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