Ramsay is one of the up and coming community in the inner city along the southeast quadrant. This community was founded in the year 1914 and is known to be one of the oldest neighborhoods in Calgary. If you are looking for starter homes for you and your family, Ramsay is definitely a great area for you. image1 (3)

    Due to the infill development of homes, the face of the Ramsay community is changing. One of the best things in Ramsay is that their homes have reasonable value considering the location that the community is in. There are elevated areas in Ramsay, which will make certain homes have a magnificent view of the downtown and its surrounding areas. Accessing Elbow Rivers and Bow Rivers, will let residents find pathways and parks where their family can bond.

    North: Canadian Pacific Railway Mainline
    East: Canadian Pacific Railway
    South: 26th Avenue
    West: Elbow River

    Average price for single family homes in 2015 is: $1,005,922
    Average price for a condo in 2015 is: $827,500

    Ramsay Community AssociationCommunity Association; City of Calgary Community Profile; City of Calgary recreation guide; Calgary Board of Education; Calgary Catholic School District

    Other areas like Ramsay to look at are: Altadore, Killarney, Arbour Lake, HillhurstErltonParkdale 

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