One of the inner city communities in Calgary that is becoming popular is Renfrew. The community was established in the year 1950 and since the homes are getting older, it gave redevelopers a chance to build new ones. Renfrew is only a few kilometers away from downtown, which makes it a great location. image1 (4)

    Another good thing about Renfrew is that it is just adjacent to a number of business establishments, such as Centre Street N, Edmonton Trail NE and Trans-Canada Highway, which are all packed with services and amenities. Residents will enjoy walking through Nose Creek, Bow River parkway and Renfrew Athletic Park, which are all easy to reach by foot.

    North: 16th Avenue
    East: Nose Creek and Deerfoot Trail
    South: 8th Avenue
    West: Edmonton Trail

    Average price for single family homes in 2015 is: $827,847
    Average price for a condo in 2015 is: $532,556

    Renfrew Community AssociationCommunity Association; City of Calgary Community Profile; City of Calgary recreation guide; Calgary Board of Education; Calgary Catholic School District

    Other areas like Renfrew to look at are: Altadore, Killarney, Arbour Lake, HillhurstErltonParkdale 

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