Roxboro is an exclusive community in the southwest of Calgary. which became a destination for many urban professionals. In fact, Roxboro has become in demand in the marker because of the luxury homes and the spacious areas that this community has. image1

    Roxboro is just a few minutes away from the north part of the community, where Victoria Park, Mission and the downtown Calgary can be found. They all have over a thousand business establishment and services that residents will find useful. Residents can also head to Macleod Trail where they can visit South Centre and Chinook Mall.

    Living in Roxboro will let residents enjoy the numerous indoor and outdoor recreations, which are both provided by Talisman Recreational Centre and the different river park and pathway systems in the area.

    North: Elbow River
    East: Erlton Street and St. Mary’s Cemetery
    South: 34th Avenue
    West: 4th Street

    Average price for single family homes in 2015 is: $1,998,000

    City of Calgary Community Profile; City of Calgary recreation guide; Calgary Board of Education; Calgary Catholic School District

    Other areas like Roxboro to look at are: Mount Royal, Briar Hill Hounsfield Heights, Rideau Park  Crescent Heights, Elbow Valley Estates,West Hillhurst

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