Spring Maintenance Tips

    Spring Cleaning!

    As spring arrives and all this snow we’ve gotten melts away there are a few things you should do around your home to ensure everything is in good shape.


    • Check your shingles and make sure all are still in good shape and nothing needs repairing or replacing
    • You’re also going to want to check your flashing around any chimneys or vents, make sure it is in place and tight so there is no leaking happening
    • While you’re up there check your eaves, make sure debris is cleaned so water can run through, also make sure the down spouts are down and heading away from your home


    • Check around your foundation for any cracks, this can happen with the freezing and thawing and its best to deal with them right away * Call an expert for this one!
    • Check for low spots near the foundation, you want to build the ground up around your foundation so all drainage heads away from the base of the home


    • Clean your air intake vents and change your furnace filter
    • Check your air conditioning unit outside and clean any debris off of it

    Check your exterior door and windows to make sure all seals are snugs and there are no drafts.

    Now is also a great time to test your fire detectors if you haven’t in a while, change the batteries and make sure they are working perfectly.

    Clean your siding and windows, this helps maintain the curb appeal of your home and get rid of any mildew that could be growing on the home. Also its much easier if this is done regularly rather than having it build up to be a much larger job!

    Taking care of the maintenance of your home will make it last much longer and shine throughout the years. Not to mention a well maintained home sells much quicker and for more money when you are ready to move on to something new!

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