Steps on Making Your Home Ready for Winter

    During the winter season, some people opt to stay home and enjoy the cold weather, while there are some people who prefer going to some place warmer. If you plan to go on a vacation with your family and leave the house on its own, then it is essential to make your home ready for winter. Some of the few things that you need to take care are your heating system, electrical, security and even the plumbing in your home.4074519704_6a32af2d62_o

    Heating System and Lighting

    The first thing that you need to do is to set up your home’s thermostat to fifty-five degrees as this will prevent the condensation of moisture in your home. This is necessary to ensure that your interior will be protected from freezing. The base of your sink and your cabinets should be opened to let the heat reach the pipes inside the walls. For homes with fireplace, you need to ensure that the damper is tightly closed to avoid the heat from escaping. Now for the light, you can use your light’s timer to make them switch on and off at intervals during the night. This will let anyone outside know that someone is still at home. If you are going to be away longer, then it would be best to arrange with your heating and power suppliers about where the bills should be sent.

    Electrical Appliances and Equipment

    All the appliances and equipment that you don’t need running while you and your family are away should be unplugged. If you think that turning them off will do, it won’t, since they still draw even the slightest power. Unplugging all of them will help you save electricity bill while you are away. If you are going to bring all the food in your fridge, then make sure to clean the fridge and leave the door open to avoid the development of mildew.


    It is wise to suspend the pickup of your garbage and the delivery of newspaper and mail. The reason behind this is because it will just pile up on the doorway, and will make someone think that no one is actually home. The garage door’s opener should also be unplugged for extra precaution. If you are going to leave valuables at home, then it is ideal to hide them in the most secure place in your home. If you have an alarm at home, it would be best to inform the company that you and your family will be away for the season.


    Since the temperature will be freezing, it would be best to prepare some plumbing in case the heat in your house goes out. But if you plan to go on a vacation for a little longer than usual, then you will need to do more tasks. One is to make sure that your pipes are drained. You can do this by opening the faucets in your home and make sure to work on the top floor first through the basement. When it comes to your water heater, it would be best to turn off the electric or gas supply. Drain the water heater as well, just avoid using an automotive antifreeze as this can be very poisonous.

    Follow these steps above and your home will surely be ready for the coming winter season. Following these steps will make sure that you will have a great vacation with your family without even worrying about your home.

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