Located on the north of Bow River and is only adjacent to downtown is Sunnyside. There are now a lot of infill and redevelopment projects in the area, where residents can live and enjoy the community. Sunnyside was established in the year 1880s, wherein the first residents were laborers of Eau Claire Sawmill or CPR employees. During the first few decades, a lot of professionals are deciding to reside in this community because of the comfort that it provides them. image1 (3)

    Sunnyside offers access to routes, including 9th Street, 14th Street, 10th Street and Memorial. Another good thing about Sunnyside is that Kensington, a famous business district can be reached within 10 minutes. Of course, if you are looking for something else that is not in Kensington, then going to North Hill Mall will definitely do. Now, if you just want to run or enjoy the community’s scenery, then going to Talisman Centre is definitely a great idea.

    For schools on the other hand, children can go to Sunnyside Elementary and Queen Elizabeth Junior High/Senior High.

    North: Escarpment separating Rosedale from Sunnyside from 10th Street to Centre Street
    East: Escarpment separating Crescent Heights and the edge of Prince Island Park
    South: South Bank of the Bow River
    West: 9th Street Bridge

    Average price for single family homes in 2015 is: $566,750
    Average price for a condo in 2015 is: $539,504

    Sunnyside CommunityCity of Calgary Community Profile; City of Calgary recreation guide; Calgary Board of Education; Calgary Catholic School District

    Other areas like Sunnyside to look at are: Renfrew, South Calgary, HillhurstShaganappi , Richmond Park Knob HillScarboro

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