Tips on Building a Deck

    Building a deck for your own home is one of the best things that you can do. The reason behind this is because this is a place where you and your family can enjoy your breakfast or just enjoy the sun. Some people think that building a deck requires them to call a professional to help them with it. This will then costs them much since they will be calling a professional to build their home decks. The good news is, you can actually do it on your own just by reading and following the tips on building a deck below. Deck-with-a-View


    Laying Pier Blocks

    Typically the deck’s size can easily be modified, but if you are planning to extend it to more than ten inches, then using joists with a measurement of two by ten would be necessary. Now when installing the deck, it is important to mark the area where you plan to have your deck and the door of your house should be somewhere in this area. Once you are done, you can start laying two pier blocks against your house and make sure to space them eight inches from the twelve foot marked that you put on your wall.


    Installing Rim Joists

    Start installing the rim joists that measures twelve foot two by eight on your pier blocks. Make sure to carefully insert them in the middle part of your blocks. You also need to make sure that they need to be leveled. Repeat doing this by putting two pier blocks with a measurement of four feet in from the blocks both ends. The two by eight one should solidly rest on four of the pier blocks.


    Installing Boards

    Now you can start installing the boards to complete your deck. You can fasten each board with screws on each of the joist, do this until you reach the last part where the door is. Make sure that the width is properly measured to avoid ripping this part of the deck.


    Purchasing Decors

    Start purchasing decors for your deck for it to look alluring in the eyes. There are home improvement stores where you can purchase everything that you need for your deck. But if you are trying to keep up with the budget that you have, then going to some thrift stores where you can find cheap but still beautiful decors will do.


    Decorating Your Deck

    Now that you have built your very own deck and purchased the decors, the last thing that you need to do is to decorate your deck. You can put a BBQ stand in the corner and some tables where you and your family can enjoy lunch or dinner anytime you please. You may also add a swing bench, where you can take a nap during the afternoon or just enjoy the sunset and be relaxed.


    These are the tips on how you can build your very own deck. Follow the tips above and you will surely enjoy having barbecues and sunset sightings with your family and even with your friends.

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