Tips on Maintaining Your Home Generator

    HSB open with engineHome generators are one of the most useful equipment one can have at home. The generator can help power-up your home, regular equipment for life-support, provide power in areas that are remote and can also help you lessen the costs of your electricity. Of course, for your home generator to be able to function perfectly, you need to make sure that you know how you can maintain it. If you are one of the many people who are wondering on how you can maintain your home generator, then reading the information below will surely help you.


    Servicing the Generator

    Some people think that they only need to service their generators if they are regularly using it. The truth is, it needs servicing at least twice every year. It would be best to service it during the fall and spring season, since you will surely be needing your home generator during summer and winter seasons. Setup a service during fall and spring season of the year and avoid pushing the maintenance off to other time. The reason behind this is because your generator might experience problems and this means that you won’t be able to use your generator when the time comes that you need to use it.

    It would also be best to keep a book where you can record the maintenance information that your generator has.


    Maintenance Checking

    You can also do a maintenance check once in a while. You can start by looking for stuck buttons, wires that are loose and corroded elements. It would also be ideal to check for loose connections and wirings that are frayed. Clean the area where your generator is because it has the ability to sucked the leaves or dirt around it. For people who don’t know, the debris that can get sucked in can damage the generator itself.

    You should also check the battery’s distilled water and its voltage. The battery of your home generator should be replaces every two to three years. The filters and lubricant oil should also be changed annually. Every change that you do with your home generator should be recorded.


    Storing Your Home Generator

    After using your home generator, it would be best to clean it thoroughly before storing it back. You should remove the fuel, organic matter, mud, grease and any other element in it. You should choose a rage that is clean to wipe the generator and an air blower to clean the ventilation fans. If you notice any corrosion, you can treat it with inhibator product. Once you are done cleaning it, you can start storing it in a dry space and cover it to keep it away from grime, mud, and dust.

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