Tips on Setting up Outdoor Decorations for Christmas

    1aChristmas is just around the corner and you and your neighbors will be setting up outdoor decorations again for the holiday. There are actually a lot of outdoor decors that you can set up, but if you want your home to definitely stand-out among the rest, then knowing what decorations to put beside the lights, of course, is essential. You can also create your own decors if you have the time.


    If you don’t have one in your home, you can purchase a sleigh at the mall or if you are feeling thrifty, then checking the nearest thrift store will do. You can also find second-hand ones online since there are people who prefer selling their old Christmas decors so they can purchase a new one. Once you already have your sleigh, start decorating it by attaching a shelf on the area where you want to place the gift boxes. Wrap different box sizes that you can place on the shelf for your sleigh to look realistic. Using an icicle light, drape it along the sleigh’s top part. You can also add some string lights as this will surely add to a festive feeling.

    Candles Using PVC

    Gather some PVC pipes with three to four inches measurement, fabrics and preferably red in color, and some chicken wire. The first thing that you need to do is to cut the pipes in different measurements and cut a three to four inches square of wire, as you will be using the wire to create a cone. The wire should be covered in the fabric that you have chosen as it will represent the flame. Place them at the top of the PVC and wrap a ribbon around the pipe. You can place these pipe candles near your window or place it wherever you please.

    Christmas Tree

    Of course, no Christmas decoration is complete without putting up a Christmas tree. Yes, you can set up a Christmas tree outside your house since there are also outdoor trees that you can purchase. Start decorating your tree with lights that can be used outdoor, ornaments, and other Christmas decorations that you prefer. When choosing decorations for your tree, make sure that they are made to be used outdoors, as they will be exposed in certain elements. If you want to cut some electricity usage, you may want to use solar lights. Lastly, add some gifts under the tree and wrapped them in fabrics that can be used outdoor.

    These are some of the tips on how you can set up some outdoor decorations for the coming Christmas. You may want to let your family help you with this to make the task more fun. Just remember to choose the right materials for your outdoor decorations for you to avoid having problems. Choosing the wrong ones will only put your efforts into waste as the decors can get damaged and your outdoor decorations for Christmas will definitely be ruined.

    Start decorating your lawn now and see how beautiful it will come out just in time for the holidays.

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