Tips on Winterizing Your Lawnmower

    9282030_f260One of the equipment that suffers when the winter season arrives is your lawnmower. Typically, if you are not maintaining your lawnmower properly and if you are not preparing it for winter, it could get damaged. The lawnmower can develop rust, get its carburetor clogged, problems in the spring season, and as well as problems when starting it. That is why it is essential to winterize it before the weather gets really cold, to avoid your lawnmower to get damaged. Winterizing it will also help reduce the maintenance tasks once the warmer temperature is back.


    For people who don’t know, gasoline will eventually break down in time, which will leave sediment inside the lawnmower tank. This will only clog the carburetor and will cost you hundreds just for a professional to maintain and clean your equipment. The good news is, you can prevent this by stabilizing your gas or emptying the tank. If you prefer stabilizing it, then you will need to fill the tank and add a stabilizer fuel, which will help the gas from breaking. If you want to empty it instead then all you have to do is to let the lawnmower’s engine run as it will eventually run out of gas.


    Another thing that you need to do is to clean the lawnmower for it to avoid incurring rust, which can damage the equipment. Dust, dirt, and grass should be removed from the equipment. Once done, you can start spraying silicone under its deck to avoid the buildup of dirt and grass. If there are any rust, you can try sanding it or scraping it and apply an oil as this will avoid rust from developing again.

    Filters and Plugs

    Check the filters of the fuel and air if it needs to be cleaned or if it needs to be replaced. Usually, if you are using your lawnmower often or if it is already old enough, it is advisable to just change the filters. But if cleaning is all it needs, then you can wash the filters and properly reinstall them. For the plug, you need to check it if there are any buildup or if it needs replacing.

    Storing Your Lawnmower

    Once you are done doing the tips above, your lawnmower is already ready to be stored for the winter season. You can store your lawnmower inside the garage and basement. But if you don’t have enough space for it, then covering it with the cover made entirely for your lawnmower or with a tarp will do. The cover will surely protect the equipment from snow and rain, which can cause damages to your lawnmower.

    These are the tips on how you can properly winterize your very own lawnmower. Protecting it will surely make the life of your equipment last longer. In this way, you won’t need to spend hundreds just to get it repaired or you won’t need to purchase a new one, which can cause a lot. Start winterizing your lawnmower now for it to be ready for the spring season.

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