Tips on Winterizing Your Pool Heater

    As you all know, winter is just around the corner and preparing your pool’s heater is essential for it to be ready. Swimming pool owners today are struggling with this problem, which is why they often call a professional to do this task for them. Of course, this will cost them a lot since a professional will be handling the winterizing of their swimming pool heater. The good thing is, you can actually do it yourself for as long as you follow these helpful tips below.raypak266

    Disconnecting and Detaching

    The first thing that you need to do is to disconnect your swimming pool heater to the electricity. The circulation pump should also be turned off before you do anything with the heater. Once you are done, you can now detach the two unions that are connecting the heater to the pool’s circulation system.

    Drain Plug

    The next thing that you need to do is to remove the pool’s drain plug, which is located at the unit’s front part. But there are heaters where the plug is located between the lines where the water runs, or at the condenser’s base part. You may refer to the manual of your unit on how to remove this, but typically it can just be rotated in a counter-clockwise position. Once you have removed the plug, start flushing the pump with the use of water from the hose in your garden. You can place the hose into the line and let the water run through it. Leave it like that for three or four minutes.

    Check the heater if there are still any water remaining in it, for you to be able to clear it. You can do this by putting a compressed line with air into the inlet and start blowing air in it. You can do this for fifteen to twenty seconds until all the water exits the heater.

    Reconnecting Everything

    Now that you are done winterizing your heater, you can start reconnecting the unions and as well as the drain plug of your heater, but reconnect them a little loosely. The reason behind this is because it will let any water that is remaining from completely draining out of the heater. Once you are sure that there are no longer water in it. Reconnect it properly and start covering the fan, as this will avoid the leaves or debris from getting inside the unit, which can cause problems.

    These are the things that you should do when winterizing your pool heater. It does not really sound complicated at all and is definitely easy to do without asking any professional help. But of course, if you find it difficult, then you can call a professional the first time for you to be able to see how winterizing your pool heater really goes. Now if you prefer doing it on your own then checking the manual of your pool heater will help you on how to remove some of the things that need to be removed from the heater before you start winterizing it.

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