Tips on Winterizing Your Sprinklers

    lawn-sprinklers-4241-0174410During the winter season, there are a lot of tasks in the house that needs to be done. One of the tasks is winterizing your sprinklers. Some dreaded this task because they need to wait until the season changes again to a warmer one. When winter comes, there will be water residuals trapped inside the system of your sprinkler and this will freeze and start to expand during the season. The frozen water will then shatter underground where the PVC pipes are located. Ones you open the sprinkler during the spring season, gushers will come out instead of sprinklers. Now, for you to be able to free your sprinklers of the frozen water, you will need to use an air pressure.

    Shutting Everything Off

    You will need to shut off the supply of water to the system of your sprinkler. The next thing that you need to do is to set the controller of your sprinkler to “Rain”, as this will close all the valve zone. You may also unplug the sprinkler’s controller to make it easier.

    Drain the Valve

    There will be manual valves that can be opened, for you to be able to drain the sprinklers completely. The valves are typically located at the end line of the sprinkler, where you can easily see them. Once you have located the valve, open it and let the water drain out of the valve completely and wait until you have drained almost every drop of water in it. Once you are done, you may now close the valve and the “backflow preventer” valve.

    Use an Air Compressor

    If you don’t have an air compressor at home, then you can easily rent one, just make sure that you are renting a compressor that is intended for sprinkler systems. Avoid using any other types of compressor as this can cause damages to your system, which of course you don’t want to happen. Typically, a good air compressor is equipped with a forty to eighty PSI, while the ideal volume depends on the GPM of your system by 7.15. So if your system’s GPM is 20, then the optimum volume of your air compressor would be 2.66.

    Using the Air Compressor

    Once you already have the air compressor, attach it to a connector for you to be able to attach it at the “backflow preventer”. Start the air compressor and open the sprinkler’s valve slowly, for the compressor to gradually blow the air into your sprinkler’s system. Check if all of the heads of the sprinkler are responding to the air before continuing what you are doing. Typically it will take a couple of minutes until all the mist or the water are expelled. After you have removed everything, you can now close the compressor’s valve and the sprinklers as well.

    These are the tips on how you can winterize your sprinklers, for them to be ready for the spring season. The procedure may sound complicated, but they are definitely easy to do. Winterize them just in time for spring for them to function efficiently.


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